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    Cristian Alvarado

    Activating New Quizzes is going to be a project all its own, as when you have new quizzes enabled, especially if you're reusing a course from the previous semester with old quizzes, will prompt you to convert all your quizzes to new quizzes. Unfortunately new quizzes doesn't fully support everything old quizzes does, so some of these conversions are incomplete. If you don't know what you're in for, it's going to be a bad time.

    What we can do is move selected courses into what Canvas calls a "sub-account" where we have new quizzes enabled. If you want to volunteer to test new quizzes in a live course in the coming semester, shoot us an email to with the name, number and section number of the class and we can move it over for you. Nothing will look different on your end, it'll just have new quizzes available.

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