Can I overwrite a course import?




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    Cristian Alvarado

    The way Canvas handles this is if you import the same content over, it'll overwrite. Otherwise the new import just adds content to the existing content of the course. If you want to overwrite content entirely, we can reset the course for you. Just send us an email to with the name of the course (and a link) for the canvas course and we'll go ahead and do that for you.

    As for importing stuff piecemeal, if you're coming from iLearn, the process is more or less the same as doing the whole course. You're going to be creating a backup, downloading the backup, then uploading the backup to Canvas. The difference is instead of backing up the whole course, you'll be backing up just that one item. You can do so in iLearn by going to the item you want to make the backup of, clicking on the gear wheel menu from within that item, and then selecting backup. It'll walk you through the backup process, but the backup will only include that one, individual item.

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    Suzanne Pullen

    Thank you! This is helpful to know. I think I understand the process and am grateful for support if I need it. :-)

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