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    Cristian Alvarado

    Short answer:

    Announcements are the recommended way to contact students via Canvas if you're sending a message to the whole class. If students are not getting announcements via email, they need to make sure that they are not blocking email from, and make sure that they are checking their SFSU email as that's where those messages will go. Further, students have the ability to turn off email notifications entirely.

    Long answer:

    Canvas does not do email, at least not in the "traditional" sense. What Canvas does instead is trigger notifications that go out to students based on whatever settings students have set on their profiles. By default, Canvas will send out notifications for Announcements and Inbox messages to email, but students have the ability to change those settings and turn off those notifications entirely.

    When you post an announcement, send a message via inbox, grade something, or choose to notify a student that something in the class has changed, a notification is generated, and it will go out to the student depending on what they have their preferences set to. It will also trigger a notification on the website if they're logged in, and on the Canvas Student app if they have that.

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