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    Cristian Alvarado

    Beginning Fall 2020, forums will have a start date and a cutoff date like many other activities inside of iLearn.

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    Christopher Koenig

    I agree with this suggestion to have the option to time-limit posts to forums, as it sends a clear message what is and is not acceptable for credit. I have also experienced this problem:

    Because iLearn forums don't have a setting where we can stop further posts and responses, students will post late (i.e., after the forum discussion is over) and argue for credit. They take it out on the instructor, saying they did the work so should get credit, regardless of having done the work late.

    My workaround has been to develop language on the syllabus that posts completed after a certain date, in my case, the due date plus seven days, will not be eligible for credit. But this has caused problems outlined above.

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