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    Cristian Alvarado

    Different learning management systems work in different ways. Blackboard is designed around the idea that things are grouped together by type, so you have all of your forums in one place, all of your assignments in one place, etc. While that method works when you organize your class in that way, it's really not totally effective when you've organized your class by time (weeks, days, or the like).

    As for the icons that CEETL recommends, that's unfortunately like you said, more work and is not something that Academic Technology recommends, not only because of the "more work" aspect, but because icons and emojis are also technically not accessible.

    What I will recommend, however, are to make judicious use of templates in labels which are completely built-in to iLearn already. You can read more about templates in the guide to templates here.

    Briefly, though, templates are a quick way to provide cleanly formatted content that fits in with iLearn native theme without too much hassle. Templated text can be added to any text box within iLearn that provides the formatting tools, but are most effective with Labels on your course page. There are templates for lists, multiple lists, tables for schedules, call outs for quotes, and others. If there's a template that doesn't exist but you would like to see, let us know and we can probably build one in.

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    Sarolta Cump

    Thanks for the response.

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