Importing an iLearn Course into Canvas so we don't loose 6+ years of work.




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    Cristian Alvarado

    We have a guide for this: 

    We are also working with a vendor to make this process a bit smoother from within Canvas itself. 

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    Deborah Stein

    Also will lecturers and adjunct faculty be paid for the hours and hours extra prep work this transition may entail?

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    Heather-Rose Lacy

    I would like to opt-in this Fall but I need to do that as part of a professional development class, since as lecturer faculty I do not get release time. Based on the import of my class into the Canvas sandbox, I estimate it will take 20 hours to prepare my class in Canvas. 

    I need to learn how the Canvas gradebook works (objectives/mastery etc.), change my quizzes to types that work in Canvas, edit all the quiz settings so they appear in the gradebook, and change all the YouTube links to embedded videos. There is probably more to do. 

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    Donna De La Perriere

    Deborah, I’m wondering the same thing. This is going to take me a minimum of 40-50 hours per course. I tried to do it this summer & gave up after 20 hours of so.

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