Examples of effective Canvas Courses? And third party tools for Eli Review, Turn It In tools for Canvas?




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    Cristian Alvarado

    Turnitin is already integrated. You can find it when you add an external tool activity to a canvas course. 

    ELI is not centrally run by the campus. You will need to coordinate with CEETL on how to use ELI. 

    The “Growing with Canvas” course that you were enrolled in as a student when you got a sandbox is built in Canvas itself and serves as a good example course in the system. We do technically also have access to other course materials in the Canvas commons, so you could pull a sample class someone has uploaded into your sandbox to see what it looks like. CEETL will also be running a workshop on effective course design later in the Fall. 

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    Brigitte Davila

    It would be great to have an online course this summer. Switching to canvas is not as easy as I thought it might be.

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