Wrap Text Around an Image?




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    Cristian Alvarado

    Tables should never be used for anything other than tabular data. Misusing tables for pure presentation or aesthetic reasons can lead to accessibility issues for students who use assistive devices such as screen readers with their online courses.

    Unlike with iLearn, we don't really have a way of administratively adding a method of wrapping text around images as we don't have full control over Canvas' theme. Hand coding it with HTML is a possibility, but that requires that you both understand how Canvas' theme works and have pretty deep knowledge of HTML and CSS in order to make it work. As a result, my answer to the "can I wrap text around an image"  right at this moment is "no", but if I figure out a better way of doing it in Canvas, I'll put up a support document about it.

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    T Albiniak

    Thanks Christian  - curious because it think it is possible in other Canvas environments. Putting in a plug to develop that capacity as we learn more!





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