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    Lindsey Irizarry

    Design Tools or DesignPLUS is a third-party integration that is not included with our Canvas contract. The main reason we do not have this tool integrated is due to the cost of a subscription. 

    You can add modules to a page in Canvas by adding Course Links.

    1. Navigate to the Pages link from the course navigation menu.
    2. Select the title of your page.
    3. Select the Edit button in the top right corner.
    4. In the main content box, type out any word. In this example, I used the word  "Modules". Then, highlight the text that you wish to change into a link.
    5. Select the link icon from the text editor tools, then select, Course links.
    6. Select Modules from the list to find all of your modules for this course. You can link directly to a specific module by selecting it from the list. Once selected, the text will convert itself into a hyperlink.
    7. Select Save at the bottom to save your changes to the page.

    If you want to make the link stand out more, you can play around with the font size, style, and colors. You can even make pictures into links too!

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